Dira Dawa, Northern Ethiopia, January 2007

Inside emergency shelter camp, following massive flooding which left thousands of villagers homeless.

24 July 2010

Cluster Bomb Treaty !!

Hey Friends....

There is news on an issue I have been involved with over the years:

The use of cluster weapons. I know...a somewhat arcane subject, some would say. But unlike, say..the more widely known Harry Potter movies (which I love)...this 'arcane' issue is...REAL and I have always believed that if your neighbor's house is burning, you should try your best to help.

We DO have neighbors, globally speaking, for whom this particular "arcane" issue is very, most gruesomely, REAL.

Cluster bombs are horrible.

But there is progress in the effort to BAN their use.

Please take a moment and "donate your Facebook profile" for an amazingly great, and obvious cause.

It's a new international TREATY which bans the use/manufacture of cluster bombs - one of the most barbaric (and under-reported) weapons of war STILL USED AROUND THE WORLD (Including BY the US). The treaty takes effect on August 2 for the 100+ nations which have signed on. It's a WONDERFUL milestone. My guess is that the organizers could receive a Nobel Prize for this..just as the organizers of the historic 1997 Landmine Ban Treaty did.

And...like the Landmine Ban treaty, this is but a FIRST step. It goes a HUGE way to create an internationally accepted socially-based stigma against their use, and, more so, includes legislative teeth for the member countries. Just as the Mine-Ban treaty was a huge step in drastically reducing landmine use..and this will have a similar effect on cluster bomb use over time.
When you donate your 'profile' it means your Facebook photo will simply be on the treaty's site, to show that the whole world is behind this treaty.

ALL you have to do is go here:


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