Dira Dawa, Northern Ethiopia, January 2007

Inside emergency shelter camp, following massive flooding which left thousands of villagers homeless.

15 September 2010

Playing Bass in "Power Balladz" NYC

I'll be subbing in on bass at the Off-Broadway production of "Power Balladz" this weekend -- Sept. 18 (10 pm show).

I'm psyched -- it's a fun show of many of the....er...classic... hits from the 1980's. Fun and tongue-in-cheek and a party of a show ..

Really it's more like coming to a club or bar and seeing a band - fun.
The band is on stage as well...

I'm really grateful to the bass player, Mark Vanderpoel, for letting me fill in for him while he's working a few other shows. He's an awesome player - it's nice to be filling in for someone at that level.

Other dates to follow.....

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