Dira Dawa, Northern Ethiopia, January 2007

Inside emergency shelter camp, following massive flooding which left thousands of villagers homeless.

07 April 2014

Spills, Explosions, Earthquakes and War: Welcome to American Energy “Independence” (via Desmogblog)

Fri, 2014-04-04 12:07Don Lieber A well-deserved show of gratitude to the efficient and reliable fossil fuel sources of American energy independence — oil, coal and gas — is in order, following a truly remarkable string of success stories in recent…

08 March 2014

My new morning work out routine

19 February 2014

Brenna is an old buddy of mine from Portland, Oregon; her show is a comedic life-story set to the music of the '70s give or take a few years. Fun stuff. Good band, good vibes. Thanks Brenna!

22 January 2014

Divest Now! A Night of Performance to Support NYU Divest.

I'm proud to announce the upcoming night of performance which I've organized. What a cool group of amazing artists - film, music, theater, comedy - who've agreed to come together in support of NYU Divest. Details here: It'll be a very cool night of fun. and I'm super-psyched to be playing bass for Devon Glover aka: "T-Dome featuring The Sonnet Man." He.Is.Amazing.. JOIN THE FUN!!!!

Top 10 Toxic Ingredients Used In The Fossil Fuel Industries | PlanetSave

Top 10 Toxic Ingredients Used In The Fossil Fuel Industries | PlanetSave

24 September 2013

Stanford Scientists: Climate Change Occurring 10 times Faster Than Any Time in Past 65 Million Years (via Desmogblog)

With scant media attention, climate scientists from Stanford University have concluded that climate change is occurring 10 times faster than at any time in the past 65 million years, and the current pace of change will lead to a 5-6 degree (Celsius)…

25 July 2013

Peru To Power 2 Million Of Its Poorest — By Solar Energy (via Planetsave)

Peru last week initiated a new program that will provide electricity to more than two million of its poorest residents using solar panels. Energy and Mining Minister Jorge Merino said that the program will allow 95% of Peru to have access to electricity…