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25 May 2010

Lockheed Martin: Killing is Big Bucks

Robert J. Stevens is Chairman of the Board and CEO of Lockheed Martin (www.lockheedmartin.com).

According to Forbes.Com, his 2009 total compensation was $22,996,763.00, including salary, and various other compensations.

This company - behind a tired veil of coprporate success-speak - manufactures weapons which terrorize innocent populations.

For example, their Multiple Launch Rocket Systems (MLRS) deliver cluster munitions, which terrorize civilian populations by dispersing hundreds of "sub-munitions" (sometimes more) in all directions, mini-'bomblets' packed with shredded steel and other elements designed brilliantly to inflict maximum bloody carnage, injury and death, in all directions for hundreds of meters.

For an introduction to the effects of this weapon - which contributes well to Mr. Steven's personal wealth - watch this video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TpGMiAlVM6g

They also manufacture missiles which contain depleted uranium. They do not care what the consequences are for the civilian populations in the areas where these missiles are used.

Mr. Stevens - if you ever get to read this: I challenge you to a one-on one debate...to be filmed and aired for all future viewing by the general public. Can you defend the ethics of your business, face to face with the general public?

You earned $20 million last year. What if you could earn FORTY million next year? -- by, let's say, selling heroin in Detroit (no offense, Detroit). Would you? Why not?

My debate offer of course is symbolic - I'll eat a hat if he ever responds to me.

To anyone else reading this blog, however: try to make sure your own day-to-day business dealings have NOTHING to do with Lockheed, or Boeing, or any of the other corporate purveyors of global terror - they are indeed the suit-and tie, flip-side alternate Jihadists...

If your bank invests in Lockheed...change banks.



(Source:http://people.forbes.com/profile/robert-j-stevens/49897, which also lists all the Board of Directors all of whom earn similarly extravagant earnings).

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