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08 July 2011

Letter to DOVE: Don't Hang Your Chemicals on my Doorknob

The following is a reprint:

A great letter to the DOVE company, courtesy of

Dove: Please Don’t Hang your Chemicals on My Door Knob
Three cheers to Margot Boyd for sending this poignant letter to Dove and for your commitment to safe cosmetics. (Dove’s response was: It’s legal therefore it’s safe. If we only had a dollar for every time we heard that one…)

Hello Dove,

Today I discovered at my front door: a Dove advertisement, coupon and a sample of your “nutritive therapy” product that I never requested. A quick check of the ingredients reveals your product contains a litany of toxic substances. To name but a few: 1) Dimethicone, which has been shown to cause tumors and mutations in experimental work with animals; 2) Disodium EDTA, a penetration enhancer that can draw other chemicals into the bloodstream; 3) Petrolatum, a petrochemical that is often contaminated with two well-known carcinogens Benzo-A-Pyrene and Benzo-B-Fluroanthene; and 4) Methylisothiazolinone, a suspected neurotoxin and a known human immune system toxicant.

I do not allow Dove products in my home. I would not use them on my body, or allow my husband/children to use them. I would not rinse your products down the sink for the aquatic life in Lake Ontario to have to deal with. (Nor do I relish the thought of drinking it in our tap water afterwards…) I will not contribute to the Pink Ribbon campaign due to your participation in it. I am appalled by your seductive advertising to women whom I feel are unsuspecting.

So now to properly dispose of the ‘hazardous waste’ you have left at my door, I will have to take it to the proper City drop off depot. The damage and costs you cause people and the environment are not insubstantial. I would appreciate you picking up your parcel and properly disposing of it according to the City of Toronto hazardous waste materials – which is where your ingredients officially belong.

Yours sincerely,
Margot Boyd


For more: See www.notjustaprettyface.org

Thank you for supporting continued writing and research on this, and similar writings.
Please consider the following, from Amazon. Probably the best introduction to the rather ugly truths behind the cosmetics industry.

By noted author and founder of Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, Stacy Malkan.

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