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19 January 2010

GMOs in Food? Not so fast...wait for the research.

The ongoing debate about the use of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) in our food continues. The debate is complex. Do GMOs actually help prevent starvation and improve health?

The companies who manufacture, and sell, the the GMOs are among the richest and most powerful of all international corporations. They make millions in profit from selling GMO products.

Meanwhile, what fewer people know is that TESTING of such technology on human health has, up to now, been nearly non-existent.

A new study has just been released, however, which should give people GOOD reason to pause before accepting the words of the GMO manufactures that their use is harmless.

The International Journal of Biological Sciences has reported for the first time a direct link between the use of GMOs in food and multiple organ damage in mammals (a group of species to which humans belong, by the way), with particular toxicity to the liver and kidneys.

The full report is here for all to see:


The research - conducted by a team of doctors, biologists, and environmental toxicity experts in France - focused on 3 GMOs commonly used in Maize (Corn) production by the huge industrial food producer MONSANTO - a company which has spent millions of dollars in advertising, and legistlative lobbying, to convince us all that GMO use is harmless.

The scientists also say that other toxicity (apart from the kidneys and liver) cannot be ruled out, and call for futher testing.

To many investigative journalists, and activists, this is a big "DUH" -- we know that there has been very little long-term testing of GMOs on human health, despite the rush by the big food corporations, like Monsanto, to put them on the market - and sell them for huge profit.

Save your spleen -- avoid GMO food if possible.

The European Parliament has voted that all foods with GMOs in them be labeled as such so that the people can have the choice to eat them, or not. The United States, so far, has no such law.

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