Dira Dawa, Northern Ethiopia, January 2007

Inside emergency shelter camp, following massive flooding which left thousands of villagers homeless.

08 January 2010

More headlines about the hazards of big-Agro food production.

I don't normally (need to) quote Huffington - I just enjoy her site.

I wonder how many other of her readers, however, noticed a connection between two articles in her Post yesterday which were otherwise presented as unrelated. These two articles reported on the following news of the day:

1) Fecal bacteria found in fast-food soda (antibiotic resistant, to boot).

2) The recall of a quarter-million lbs. of beef by a major industrial beef processor due to threats of e-Coli contamination and outbreaks in six states in the west and mid-west.


These stories were presented seperately, amidst a wide range of the usual mainstream mix of simplistic, silly reporting (the nature of which in "the Huffington Post" defines for me Huffington, politically, as a square-in-the-center mainstream Demo hack despite her rhetorical efforts to appear more left than the status quo).

While not presented with any connection, there nevertheless IS a clear connection between these two stories which speaks to a much larger, very important public health issue.

Big-Agro food - in any form, from the chain supermarkets to the local restaurants who use them, is unsafe for us, period. Big-Agro's methods present a continuous threat to our health.

How much longer are we going to stand for this?

Ween away from buying and eating Big Agro Foods, period - in all its shapes and forms.

Little-by-little is fine, if you must. Research other options including locally sourced sources.

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